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The Riverside County Probate Attorney Who Will Fight for Your Rights

In an ideal situation, loved ones will have a valid will or trust prepared before passing. The unfortunate reality is that many Riverside County residents pass away without a will or trust, and their assets are allocated through a judicial process called probate. Our probate attorney at the Law Office of Monica M. Holmes can assist in your small estate situations, which many other law firms may not address.

While many probate cases are settled in court, other options may be available. For example, an affidavit may be used to transfer funds out of a bank account that is impacted by the situation. When matters can be handled outside of court, they can usually be addressed faster and with less stress. Rest assured that we want to help you achieve desired results based on your rights under established laws, and we fight for you ceaselessly until the matter has been resolved.

Small Estate Probate Services for Every Need

Small estate probate services usually deal with houses that are valued at less than $150,000. If you are dealing with a small estate probate situation, you can count on the Law Office of Monica M. Holmes to represent your interests. We also represent clients throughout the Los Angeles area who need assistance with affidavits to transfer bank account funds and with Heggstad petitions.

The reality is that probate for smaller estates can be complex and stressful to deal with. We understand that our valued clients must reach a resolution to their probate case as soon as possible, and we actively work hard to achieve desired results. Through a free initial consultation, you can learn about our probate services and explore your options.

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