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Standing Up for You: Los Angeles & Riverside County Bankruptcy Lawyer

Are you one of many Riverside County residents dealing with high debt balances? The Law Office of Monica M. Holmes serves as your bankruptcy lawyer, working hard to help you become debt-free. The best way to determine if bankruptcy may yield the results that you need is to meet with our attorney for a consultation.

The heavy burden of unsecured debt and credit card debt can quickly become unmanageable. We provide qualifying clients with our full support throughout the bankruptcy process.

This begins with a consultation to determine if you qualify for bankruptcy. We understand your critical need to manage funds closely, and we maintain an affordable flat fee for the prequalification process.

Contacting a bankruptcy lawyer can seem like a significant and even stressful step. Rest assured, we want to help you protect your assets and move toward a life of manageable debt.

Determine if Bankruptcy for Credit Card Debt Is Right for You

Chapter 7 bankruptcy may provide some qualifying candidates with much-needed financial assistance while still protecting their essential assets. Through an initial consultation with a lawyer at the Law Office of Monica M. Holmes, you can learn more about bankruptcy for credit card debt. We will show you how you may protect your retirement assets, your Los Angeles-area home, and your car while reducing your unsecured debts.

The Law Office of Monica M. Holmes has been serving clients in the Los Angeles area since 2006, and we focus on providing personalized, compassionate legal services. In the event that another type of bankruptcy may be a better option for you, we will refer you to a trusted and qualified legal professional. To begin learning more about your legal options at this time, contact us to set up a consultation today.

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