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Riverside County Estate Planning Services for Minor and Complex Matters

Preparing for the end of life involves more than buying life insurance. Estate planning services from the Law Office of Monica M. Holmes help the people of Riverside County and the Los Angeles area prepare for the legal aspects of end-of-life situations.

Individuals and couples are equally welcome to visit us for assistance.

Through estate planning assistance from our legal team, you can establish healthcare directives. You may also establish a power-of-attorney and prepare wills and trusts as needed. The matters of protecting your rights at the end of your life and ensuring that your assets are divided according to your interests can be decided by you ahead of time and enforced through the creation of legal documents, and we are ready to discuss your needs through an initial consultation in our office.

Prepare for the Future with Wills and Trusts

Many of our clients are concerned about how their assets will be divided upon their passing and who will be given custody over their children when they pass away. The Law Office of Monica M. Holmes assists our clients with the creation of wills and trusts.

These documents legally uphold and fulfill our clients’ postmortem needs and desires, from the welfare of your children to the ownership and management of your family business.

When you arrive at our conveniently located office for a free initial consultation, you can bring existing documentation and paperwork with you for our lawyer to review. During this consultation, we will answer all of your questions about the options available and provide valuable legal advice. Within approximately two weeks, all requested trusts and wills can be completed on your behalf.

Visiting the Law Office of Monica M. Holmes should be your first step in estate planning. Contact our office today to schedule your initial consultation appointment.

P: (951) 530-0128

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